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Mentoring on Demand is an effective solution for large-scale, organisation-wide programs.

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How Mentoring On Demand Works

Are you seeking a turn-key mentoring
solution that offers flexibility,
is user-led,
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Sometimes an on-demand, anytime, mentoring solution is required.  Mentoring on Demand is an effective option for largescale, organisation-wide programs. Requiring limited Program Manager resources, Mentoring on Demand is fully employee-led. Put your team in the drivers’ seat of their own development plan.

Our world-class mentoring training and vast resource library equip your team with the skills required to maximise their mentoring relationships.

If you would like to understand the differences between on-demand programs vs cohort learning, objective based programs please reach out to us for a demo.

Cohort vs On Demand

Art of Mentoring supports two main types of mentoring models: Cohort and On-Demand. In the Cohort model, the mentoring program has a set start and end date (usually 6-12 months), the participant pool (mentors and mentees) has clearly defined parameters and desired outcomes, matching is supported by a program manager, and the participants benefit from the social learning and networking of cohort programs.

In the On-Demand model, the mentoring program runs continuously (recruitment, registration and mentoring relationships), pairs match independently managing their own match duration (usually 3 – 6 months). The overall design of On-demand programs is typically less structured than Cohort programs, with Cohort programs tending to be associated with higher program effectiveness.


Art of Mentoring delivers world-class mentoring solutions on a platform with user experience at the forefront of design. Our team understand that effective mentoring is about more than just software.

  • Our smart matching algorithm aligns with participant goals taking the guesswork out of the matching process.

  • Streamline administration and maintain engagement using advanced templated email

  • User-friendly, innovative and highly scalable. And of course, mobile responsive!

  • Mentor and Mentee Training Courses successfully completed by over 80,000 people globally.

  • We take security seriously. Highly secure, GDPR compliant cloud-based platform with strict privacy policies.

  • Provide insights and track organisational progress with advanced survey and reporting tools.

  • Fully customisable dashboard to capture the information you need whilst ensuring your brand shines in the process.

  • Single Sign On and integrations with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Skype.

“The quality of the educational resources is excellent. Highly valuable, designed by experts in the field.”

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