Women's Mentoring Programs

Nurture diversity and build an inclusive culture in your workplace with dedicated professional development opportunities and mentoring programs for women.

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Minimum art of mentoring benchmark

Every client achieved more than 80% satisfaction ratings from their participants

High-Impact Mentoring Programs For Women

We have developed a tailored solution that specifically addresses the need to support women to reach their full potential. Our women's professional mentoring programs give you the mentoring skills and structure to successfully mentor women. Through this professional mentoring program - Women's Edition, you'll be able to support your team to build strong mentoring relationships with women in your organisation or industry.

Supporting Women To Succeed

  • Support high-potential women, providing guidance and access to career development opportunities
  • Find networking opportunities for women working in your organisation
  • Progress women through their career development and into leadership positions
  • Ensure inclusive leadership opportunities for all genders and diverse backgrounds
  • Mentor and support women to build the next generation of high achievers in your industry
  • Learn how to support the growth of knowledge, skills, and awareness, not just for your mentees and mentors but for all people within your organisation

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The ResearchWhy Mentoring Women in the Workplace is so Important

We researched over 600 people regarding the implications of cross-gender relations in the workforce and found an alarming number were experiencing gender bias and insecurities around forming safe working relationships.

“More than half of the women in the survey said they lack confidence in their own abilities and sometimes feel that they don’t belong.”

Mentoring can provide a safe haven for growth and enable cross-gender collaboration and learnings. Our Professional Mentoring Program Plan – Women’s Edition supports this journey.

Companies achieving success with the Art of Mentoring Women’s Program

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Here's what our mentoring programs for women include

Professional Mentoring Program Plan – Women’s Edition

  • Bespoke online training with video demonstrations of how to mentor and engage women through formal sessions facilitated by mentors and leadership teams, and informal mentoring sessions. Your mentors will develop key skills needed to effectively support and mentor women, developing strong mentoring relationships with their mentees.

  • A repository of resources tailored to help both genders develop key skills and work effectively on mentoring women.

  • Survey tools targeted to allow greater understanding of women’s needs and future cultural change management within your organisation.

  • Algorithm-driven match compatibility that factors in key issues that women face in their careers, workplace and industry.

Women in Transport

When you empower the people within your organisation, and support inclusivity, diversity and equal rights and opportunities for all, your entire organisation will benefit. Committing to strong women’s mentoring programs and promoting this commitment to mentoring women within your organisation can help attract quality talent, improve the mental health and well-being of your cohort, and improve your overall workplace culture.

The Victorian Government’s Women In Transport Mentoring Program video is a powerful testament to the transformative impact this initiative has had on multiple fronts. Firstly, it highlights the profound influence the program has had on women. It serves as a platform for women to not only enter but thrive in an industry that has historically been male-dominated.

This video showcases the personal stories and achievements of women who have participated in the program, illustrating how it has empowered them to shatter glass ceilings, broaden their horizons, and emerge as leaders within their respective fields.

Women's Mentoring Resources

Resources supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace, providing research and information, and guidance on how you can provide support for women working in your organisation to grow in their careers and industry.

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Case Study: Women Building Australia

The Women Building Australia National Mentoring Program is an initiative led by Master Builders’ Australia. In this case study, we will explore the business challenges, solutions and results from this highly successful program.

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two men and a woman looking at documents together
The dilemma for older women in the workplace

When it comes to discrimination, there is one “-ism” that most of us are likely to encounter in our lifetime – ageism. And yet, it’s also one of the least discussed. Unfortunately, it also has a disproportionate impact on women.

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Case Study: Women in Mining Network NSW

In this compelling case study, we examine the persistent challenge of low female participation in the male-dominated mining industry, where women make up just 16% of the workforce.

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The Art of Opening Doors for Women

Brad Johnson PhD, author of Athena Rising, joins Art of Mentoring’s Melissa Richardson to discuss why women need “doors opened”, our research findings on how men have reacted to the impacts of #MeToo and what that means for women and mentoring.

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Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA)

The Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) is an initiative led by the industry employer group Australian Mines and Metals Association (AMMA), specifically tasked with helping employers to increase female workforce participation in the resources, allied and related construction sectors.

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Spotlight On: Cross Gender Report

Access our Spotlight Report to discover in detail the fears and barriers men and women face, and learn practical tips on how to foster effective mentoring between the genders, particularly from a woman’s perspective.

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“I have loved the program and my relationship with my Mentor, who has been fantastic – and I would go so far as to say totally perception-altering. It has changed the way I see myself both in the professional sphere as well as outside of work.”

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Women’s Mentoring Program

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