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At Art of Mentoring, we provide a diverse range of mentoring services tailored to meet the unique needs of your organisation. Our offerings are built upon a time-tested 7-step model for achieving excellence in mentoring programs.

Our expert facilitators can conduct foundation-level face-to-face workshops for Mentors and Mentees, as well as Mentor Masterclasses for the more advanced.

With the right support, success becomes effortlessly attainable!


Program Design Workshops

These workshops bring key stakeholders together to discuss your organisation's mentoring program objectives and design.


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Workshop Duration:
Between 4 and 8 hours
depending on your program



Without doubt, this workshop is the most crucial component when embarking on any mentoring program, irrespective of scale or purpose. Undertaking a mentoring program without thorough planning is a guaranteed road to nowhere. In addition to planning, our Design Workshop enables you to gain a full understanding of the stages within a mentoring program, so you can recognise the resources and commitment required along the way.

What to Expect

Face-to-face workshop with your organisation’s key stakeholders

Uses our 7 step model for mentoring program success

Explore your expectations and success metrics

Leave with a roadmap, ready to implement

Workshops for Mentors and Mentees

These workshops cater to organisations aiming to enhance their mentoring programs by developing the skills of both mentors and mentees. Workshops can be conducted via webinar or face-to-face.

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Training Workshops for Mentors

Duration: 60 minutes

Equip your mentors with the basic knowledge, skills and tools they need to achieve a productive learning alliance with a mentee.

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Training Workshops for Mentees

Duration: 60 minutes

Prepare your mentees with the basic knowledge, skills and tools they need to achieve a productive learning alliance with a mentor, and to avoid the common pitfalls and obstacles that untrained mentees face.

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Mentoring Tools & Techniques Workshops

Duration: 2-4 hours

Discover how the right tools and techniques can significantly enhance your mentoring relationships, thereby fostering a high-quality organisational mentoring program.


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Half-Day Mentoring Masterclass

Duration: 4 hours

This masterclass is for mentors ready to go beyond basic developmental skills. This half day event covers the latest mentoring theories and offers a chance to try new tools and techniques.

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Goal Setting Workshop for Mentees and Mentors

Duration: 75 minutes

Our Goal-Setting Workshop for Mentees and Mentors aims to help mentees and mentors to apply the information and tools Art of Mentoring provides.

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Customised Mentoring Workshops

Customised workshops are available upon request. Please contact our team to discuss your organisations needs.

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Why Choose Us?

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  1. Decades of Expertise: At Art of Mentoring, our programs are deeply rooted in decades of unparalleled mentoring expertise. Our seasoned professionals bring rich insights from their extensive experience, ensuring you receive the best guidance in the mentoring domain.
  2. Global Footprint: With our primary presence in Australia and the USA, we’ve worked with diverse organisations worldwide, and have gained a deep understanding of mentoring needs across cultures and sectors.
  3. Comprehensive Training & Resources: Our programs are reinforced by our depth of training and resources, ensuring that our participants are well-equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to excel in their mentoring roles.
  4. Tailored Service Approach: We aren’t just a software solution. Our unique blend of software combined with dedicated customer support ensures that our clients achieve program success. This bespoke approach caters to the nuances of each client’s unique mentoring needs.
  5. Trusted by Government, Corporates and Associations: We’ve helped associations, private companies and government entities from local to federal level both in Australia and overseas, solidifying our reputation as a trusted mentoring partner.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes, our workshops recognise the growing trend of remote mentoring relationships. We offer strategies for building and maintaining trust, understanding different communication styles, and ensuring learning objectives are met even in a virtual setting.

  • Our mentoring workshops are specifically designed to develop mentoring techniques quipping participants with a toolkit of resources to best leverage their mentoring relationship. Standard training sessions differ as they’re often focus on broader skills or knowledge. Our mentoring workshops provide hands-on, interactive experiences tailored to enhance specific mentoring techniques.

  • Our workshops delve deep into relationship management techniques, ensuring that both mentors and mentees can cultivate meaningful relationships. We guide participants through strategies to navigate different communication styles, handle conflicts, and establish mutual respect. We discuss parameters and expectations in mentoring relationships, setting particpants up for success.

  • While our foundation level workshops welcome all participants, some advanced workshops require attendees to have some more basic training or experience as a mentor. Talk to us about your team’s needs.

  • Giving feedback is a cornerstone of meaningful mentoring relationships. We delve into techniques for constructive feedback, ensuring it’s actionable, clear, and aligned with the mentee’s goals.

  • Absolutely! Our workshops emphasise the importance of trust, mutual respect, and open communication. Through practical exercises and real-life scenarios, participants will learn how to build relationships that are both supportive and productive.

  • An effective mentor is someone who can guide, support, and challenge their mentee while understanding their unique needs. Our workshops delve into the nuances of being an effective mentor, from understanding different communication styles to identifying areas of growth in mentees.

  • Through guided activities and discussions, participants are encouraged to reflect on their strengths and areas of improvement. We provide tools and strategies to help both mentors and mentees identify areas for growth, ensuring the mentoring relationship is continually evolving and beneficial.

  • We understand that effective mentoring relationships thrive on clear, well-defined communication. Our workshops introduce participants to various communication styles, offering strategies to bridge gaps and foster understanding.

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